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Jasmine, an effective resume writer works on your resume together with you !

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Jasmine contacted me 2 weeks ago to get information on her resume review. How long it will for me to rewrite her resume. Jasmine, please, I have to tell you that a collaborative resume writer does not fix your resume for you, instead he/she works closely on a one-to-one basis to identify and develop the content of your resume.

A resume writer's objectives are:

· FIRST, to empower you, Jasmine, to properly design and structure any new resume you may need in the future

· to help you become one of the shortlisted candidates through accurately matching your profile and the company’s requirements

· to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your new resume and more importantly that you are comfortable with your professional profile

· to strongly prepare you for a job interview while mastering all the details of your resume.

Always keep your resume clear, concise and up to date

A resume writer does not use a computer-generated questionnaire, instead he/she raises specific questions and suggestions according to your own background and experience.

For each section of your resume, he/she works together with you to improve and polish your content while using measurable and tangible information and fully explains to you the reasons behind any amendment.

Every professional experience generates new accomplishments, responsibilities and workloads: Jasmine, it's worth repeating : "Always keep your resume clear, concise and up to date".

Since 2009 I have met and discussed with numerous job seekers, retrenched employees, global talents and globe trotters, expat spouses and would-be entrepreneurs. I love to share my experiences as well as the advice I provide and the feedback I received, from the increasing international mobility projects in 2010s’ to the “zero relocation” on the domestic job markets due to Covid -19 and the closure of borders, professionals are still considering new roles.

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