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Elisabeth LAUBEL


With her 30 years of experience in public & private organizations as well as semi-public sector, Elisabeth runs All1KL - Asia  Career Management and provides Human Resources services based on four strengths:


Practical and compassionate approach of outplacement

Through her own experience at the beginning of her career, she fully understands the challenges encountered by employers as well as employees upon any retrenchment exercise: 

  • As a junior talent working for a big organization in France, she was terminated (Last-In-First-Out scheme) due to economic turmoil which impacted mostly skilled profiles in 1993.

  • As a company General Director in Russia, she was forced to displace 50% of her staff upon the severe financial crisis in 1998.

Resume writing passion

Elisabeth pays close attention to details. For each professional her target is to build a strong positioning.  She assists individuals in their job search process, provides advices and delivers effective career transition solutions.

Writing and reviewing numerous resumes in 15 years,  she has a solid track record of creating effective documents that achieve top results for job seekers.

Diversity - Equity - Inclusion (DEI) oriented

As a baby boomer, Elisabeth strongly fosters workplaces where diversity is celebrated. Age discrimination (seniors, fresh graduates) as well as gender and race discriminations are still too common. She does her best to convince recruiters and hiring managers to value diversity and inclusion while strengthening their employer brand. 


Asia and emerging countries exposure 

She combines her extensive knowledge of Asia’s job marketplace with a strong commitment in several business networks (Chambers of Commerce, International Trade Advisors, Malaysia Employees Federation, etc...) as well as local and expatriate communities. 
She speaks French, English, Russian and has a conversational level in Bahasa Malaysia and Bulgarian.


To keep confidential our clients' job search assistance, full names and companies are not displayed. Upon request, Elisabeth will be happy to share some referrals. 

"Dear Elisabeth. Thank you for your help and advise which led to the best outcome today : I have successfully secured an employment offer today. Deeply appreciate your sincerity and kindness during the process. Best wishes" - H.H.H (General Director - Malaysia)

"Very much appreciated your validation & inputs, help" - Ashok (Supply Chain Manager - Singapore)

"Thank you for the resume. It looks much better now" - Budy (Managing Director - Indonesia)

"Merci pour votre aide. Le CV est très bien" - Mathieu (Sales Manager - China)

"Hi Elisabeth, This is perfect.  Thank you" - Septimus (Project Engineer - South Africa)

"The CV looks good, thanks. I will update my LinkedIn on Monday and inform you when done". Falk (Production Manager - Malaysia) 

"The most valuable feature of Elisabeth’s service is her trusted relationship with the companies she works with, her full understanding of the roles they have to offer and the type of person they want to fill the position. I can not recommend Elisabeth’s services strongly enough, she is really passionate about helping to find you a job." - Peter (Maintenance  Manager - Malaysia)

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