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Focusing on results for each individual's professional project, we deliver tailored programs through one-on-one sessions and group workshops.

We work in-person or remotely. 

Our Clients

Since 2009 thousands of Asian talents and Asia based expatriates have been assisted in their career continuation projects.

Numerous Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large corporate groups (MNCs) have successfully helped their employees keep their career on track upon a collective or individual separation plan

Our Expertise

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In Asia every thing is about big scale : cities (concrete jungles), markets, choices and ideas,  forests (natural jungles). 

We hope that some of you will recognize yourselves and will benefit from the stories that we share. A job market is like a jungle: there are plenty of trails and opportunities to explore. The target is not to get lost, not to waste your valuable time and energy but to understand the environment and to identify the right direction for your future. Know your market and good luck with your job search! 

“Track & Trail your Career in Asia”.

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Are you “open to any opportunity”?

Last week Judith, one of our job seekers, tried to convince me that she understands the job market, and its new trends. She was insistent that she is “open to any opportunity” and keen to discuss any job offers with prospective employers. “Sorry Judith,” I said, “but I have to tell you – like I told Mikael, Firdaus, Steven and many other candidates that I talked to several months or years ago - the recruiters are not open at all to hire any candidate. Employers are looking for the right profile with the right skill set and knowledge.” I strongly advised Judith to work on her professional positioning: what you can (cannot) do, what you (don’t) want to do ...